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Botanica Verde: Purity, Quality, Trust – Your Assurance of Excellence in CBD Wellness

At Botanica Verde, we are committed to delivering the highest standards of quality and safety in our CBD products. Our dedication to excellence is reflected in our stringent certifications and compliance with regulatory standards. This page details the certifications our products hold, underscoring our commitment to your well-being and trust.

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ISO 9001: Quality Excellence

ISO 9001 Certification

Our laboratory is honored to hold the ISO 9001 certification, representing our unwavering dedication to quality. This globally recognized standard assures that our production processes, from ingredient sourcing to final packaging, are consistently monitored and optimized for superior quality and consistency.

FDA Compliance: Safety First

FDA Compliance

Our products meet the stringent requirements of the FDA, ensuring they have undergone rigorous testing and meet the highest standards of safety and quality. This compliance is central to our mission of providing safe, reliable, and effective CBD cosmetics.

Product Information File: Transparency and Safety

Product Information File (PIF) Documents

For your peace of mind, we provide comprehensive Product Information File (PIF) documents for all our products. These files include detailed information on formulation, safety assessments, and compliance data, ensuring you can make informed decisions and sell our products with confidence.

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