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Cannamor provides now wholesale CBD Shampoo and CBD Conditioner. CBD have lots of benefits for our hair and head skin. It helps to stop loosing hair and gives tons of vitamins and food to our hair.

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They say that the first impression is essential. This is not just by the clothes you are wearing or the way you walk or stand: it is also determined by the appearance of your skin, nails and hair. There are those who do not pay attention to these details, but that ends when you realize that the poor condition of your skin or hair can hide more serious situations. As incredible as it may seem, CBD is a component of cannabis that can help you improve the health of your hair, without leaving the world of nature.

If you are one of those who does not like to spend a lot of money on hair treatments, but still want to take care of your hair, cannabis may be an option. Yes, this is how you read it. CBD is one of its main components and has many uses related to health as well as it can provide your hair with the nutrients and benefits necessary to restore it, allowing it to grow healthy and strong.

Best of all, you will not be high on the street after applying this product to your head, as the main advantage of this cannabinoid is that it does not cause psychotropic effects. So why not take the risk of trying a different product that can give you excellent results?

What is CBD?

The cannabis sativa plant, popularly known as marijuana, is composed of a large amount of phytocannabinoids, substances among which delta THC or tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD or cannabidiol have become especially famous. But what are they?

Well, the first one is known for its psychoactive effects: yes, the one that gets you high when you smoke it. The second, because it is the opposite: it does not get you high and it helps you treat the anxiety that THC leaves you, depression, pain and even diseases of the nervous system.

This is one of the aspects that science has added more followers to CBD, since a significant number of studies have been registered on the properties that this cannabinoid has in the treatment of different disorders and pathologies, in a natural, non-toxic and without the fear of the psychotropic effects commonly associated with cannabis. Even the World Health Organization determined that it is not a dangerous substance and that it urged to take advantage of its therapeutic potential. Today, CBD is also an ally for the skin and aesthetics in general, although its properties continue to be studied.

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How does CBD work in our body?

To the surprise of many, our body has its own endocannabinoid system that is responsible for homeostasis or healthy balance between the body and its functions. This system has receptors such as CB1 and CB2, which receive the THC and CBD compounds and by processing them, we obtain the euphoric (or relaxing) results that are already known.

This is why more and more scientists are interested in testing with CBD, whether in cells in laboratories, in animals or even with some people who have decided to test themselves the effects of this new therapeutic alternative offered by marijuana. But can this system help me with things as precise as improving the health of my hair? The answer is clear: yes.

Benefits of CBD for aesthetics

Can you imagine consuming CBD to treat that acne problem or strengthen your hair? Now you can, because among the many benefits of this cannabinoid, it has been observed that it also has antioxidant properties, fights free radicals and reduces the accumulation of fat in skin cells. It is then an excellent ally against the signs of aging, relieves pain and skin problems and helps you have a cleaner and healthier skin.

To take advantage of these advantages, the application is usually topically, being CBD oil the one that best acts on the skin and hair . This is due to its easy absorption, improving blood circulation. You can also use creams with cannabis oil, because they also contain Omega 3 and 6, allowing to nourish the skin.

But it is not only the skin that benefits from the consumption of cannabidiol, because the hair also gains hydration, elasticity, strength and shine. What’s more, if your problem is dandruff, CBD can help you, because it nourishes the scalp thanks to its gamma-linolenic acid content, which is very beneficial in treating dryness and skin problems.

Buy wholesale CBD shampoo : https://cannamor-wholesale.com/wholesale-ordering-page/

Buy wholesale CBD shampoo : https://cannamor-wholesale.com/wholesale-ordering-page/

Can CBD improve my hair?

Yes. Multiple investigations have shown the benefits that CBD offers for situations of anxiety, depression, diseases of the immune system and even cancer. But it is also a great ally to improve hair health, protecting from environmental damage and strengthening the scalp. Among its properties are:

1. Nourish and hydrate the hair

You should evaluate the type of damage your hair has before undergoing a repair treatment. However, if what you are looking for is super hydration to control that abuse to which it has been exposed, your hair will look brighter and healthier, it will be nourished and hydrated, thanks to the vitamin E and gamma-linolenic acid present in cannabis . In this way, you will have smoother and more elastic hair, and can also avoid dandruff by eliminating dryness from the scalp.

wholesale CBD shampoo

Buy wholesale CBD shampoo : https://cannamor-wholesale.com/wholesale-ordering-page/

2. Helps hair growth

Due to the action of the fatty acids that cannabis and CBD contain, hair growth will be greater, and in addition to that, it will be healthy and strong, which is one of the main concerns of those who have a lush and beautiful mane.

At this point, it is worth noting that, if you apply gentle massages to the scalp, you can stimulate its growth. While using your product with CBD oil, it is recommended that you massage gently, because by doing it too hard, you can get the unwanted effect of overstimulating sebum production and ending up with an oily scalp.

3. Strong hair

Do you want more elasticity for your hair? Well, with CBD oil you can get it, since it contains a large amount of protein, which will make the hair less brittle, repairing it and strengthening damaged cuticles. Note that you should also gently dry your hair after washing, rather than scrubbing it too hard, and also try to use natural or mixed bristle brushes.

4. Conditions the hair

Having silky, conditioned hair is evidence of good hair health. This can be achieved with the help of CBD oil, which, due to its content of vitamin E and fatty acids, is an excellent moisturizer, which translates into the regeneration of hair cells and a better appearance. Conditioning treatments that include CBD reduce annoying haircuts or split ends and return hair to its natural shine.

How can I use CBD to improve my hair?

The most common way to use CBD is through the oil, which is prepared by extracting various cannabinoids from hemp into a solvent such as alcohol and, when evaporated and processed, results in a pure concentrate of CBD oil. To make it fit for human consumption, CBD oil is diluted in other base oils.

This concentrated CBD oil can be injected subcutaneously, applied topically or it can also be added to body creams or shampoo , to take advantage of its properties in body care, mainly of the skin and hair. You can talk to your dermatologist or even your hairdresser to get professional recommendations on how you can use CBD on your hair.

Sometimes you can find CBD ethanol extract diluted in carrier oils such as olive or coconut. The presentation usually varies depending on the purposes that are served with CBD, the problem to be treated and the amount needed. At this point it is important to note that first it is advisable to consult with the doctor so that he is the one who indicates the form and amount to use CBD and if he considers it appropriate, even if it is for topical use.

What are the side effects of using CBD?

If your concern at this point is how high you can get after applying a little CBD to your hair, then calm down, because this cannabinoid does not generate psychotropic effects, unlike THC. In addition, the side effects tend to be mild and there have not yet been cases of intoxication or serious consequences from using cannabidiol. Remember that medical supervision is always recommended.

Ah, but then there are any side effects? Well, CBD, no matter how good it is for many cases, is still a natural component , which makes the fact that there are side effects common. So there is a possibility that in high doses, CBD oil can lead to drowsiness, nausea or vomiting, or low blood pressure. However, these effects do not last long and will not be more than a momentary discomfort.

In any case, it is good to consider that if you use CBD for the first time or in an inappropriate way, you could have a sensation of change in appetite , diarrhea caused by an upset stomach, or dry mouth, although this is more common when smoking. Finally, you must be careful if you are taking another drug, because the interactions between CBD and other drugs are still being studied, so, we return to the same point: consult your doctor, although it is important that you do not be afraid to use it, more even if it is topically.

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Is CBD legal?

Despite not having narcotic effects, CBD is still illegal in many countries. Due to its association with cannabis and its known psychotropic properties, the legalization of CBD as a therapeutic tool has been slowed down. That is why CBD products can only be found in countries where medicinal or recreational cannabis is legal.

However, thanks to the studies that have been carried out in different parts of the world in which the benefits of CBD are reflected for the treatment of diseases such as epilepsy, fibromyalgia, cancer, anxiety, among others, spaces are being gained in which at least experimentation with this cannabinoid has been allowed.

The use of cannabidiol for medicinal purposes is already legal in many countries, including Australia, Canada, Denmark, Greece, Italy and Germany, although in the United States the law can change from state to state. In the case of Latin America , the legality of CBD is increasingly present if it has therapeutic purposes.


After reading all this, do you still have doubts about how CBD can help you for the health of your hair? There are many sources of information on the internet, where you can get more specific and detailed information about the benefits of CBD, as well as other ways to consume it. Remember that the better informed you are, the more options you will have when choosing a product that suits your needs.

Likewise, the opinion and supervision of your trusted doctor is very important, because each person responds differently to the same dose of CBD, so self-medicating is not the most advisable thing, even when there have been no cases of intolerance or consequences. negative of CBD.

CBD is increasingly encompassing more areas of action. Initially, its effects on diseases of the immune system, anxiety, pain and depression were evaluated, but when reaching the world of aesthetic care, many more people will increase their interest in this derivative of cannabis, which, without a doubt, can help the regulations in around this substance are increasingly flexible. Now that you know that CBD can help your hair, what are you waiting for to use it?

Buy wholesale CBD shampoo : https://cannamor-wholesale.com/wholesale-ordering-page/

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