Take care of your skin with cannabidiol (CBD)

When people think of cannabis, the first use that comes to mind is recreational. However, for years the focus has been on the therapeutic use of cannabis and cannabinoids.

In fact, in the United States, in recent years cannabinoids have been associated with up to 24 different medical purposes, including skin care.

Given the popularity of the plant, it is not surprising that it is making its way into skincare.

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CBD extracts – a potent anti-inflammatory

Hemp oils, lotions or other types of preparations, mostly made up of CBD, are commonly used to treat skin-related diseases where there is dryness and marked inflammation. Thus, CBD oil is especially suitable for treating dry skin.

CBD is also known for its pain relieving effects and its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties . In this sense, it can be beneficial for skin aging caused by chronic inflammation of the skin. In these cases, CBD helps reduce dryness and sensitivity of the skin .

On the other hand, this cannabinoid can also be used to soothe insect bites or even muscle aches. Several athletes also use it as part of their routine when they are going to perform high intensity exercises. 

CBD a great moisturizer

Hemp seed oil is highly hydrating and can improve the skin barrier, reduce skin dryness and sensitivity, and help skin appear fuller and smoother.

CBD oil, being of natural origin, can also be useful in beauty matters. In fact, according to a study, cannabinoids play a fundamental role in the production of lipids, which indicates that they can be beneficial not only to treat dry skin but also for conditions such as acne.

CBD-based beauty treatment

Little by little, the different applications that make CBD oil an element to be taken into account for the development of beauty treatments are becoming known .

It can be part of your beauty routine, using the cream as a moisturizer after bathing. Its pleasant sensation helps you relax after a busy day.

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