How are CBD oil and hemp oil different?

The oil CBD and hemp oil (also called hemp seed oil) have drawn attention enormously in the market wellness products in recent years. Both offer health benefits but it must be clarified that, contrary to popular belief, hemp oil and CBD oil are not the same . So you may be wondering, how are CBD oil and hemp oil different? We will explain it in detail.

Hemp, a fickle plant

The hemp is a plant that has been used for centuries to make rope and fabric, but also used to make paper, bioplastics, insulation materials and even biofuels. On the other hand, by means of the different extraction and production methods, two types of oil can be obtained from the plant: hemp oil and CBD oil.

What is CBD oil

The CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the main compounds of hemp flowers , being also present (in lesser extent) in other parts of the plant. To take advantage of this compound, hemp plants are processed to obtain a concentrated CBD extract. This extract can then be used to make CBD oil using three extraction methods :

  • The solvent (alcohol) extraction method : the fastest, cheapest and easiest method. The hemp must be soaked in ethanol and heated until it evaporates. Heating highly flammable substances is a hazard, which is why it is a controversial method. In addition, the final product contains chlorophyll which produces a bitter oil taste.
  • The olive oil method: it is a simple method producing a lower potency concentrate. In the process you have to heat a mixture of olive oil and decarboxylated hemp. The oil is then stored in a cool, dark place but can easily spoil.
  • CO2 extraction : supercritical CO2 has to be passed through dry hemp to extract the CBD.

While the first two can be made at home , the third requires considerable resources although it is the safest and most effective method because it retains all the natural benefits of hemp and does not have unnecessary ingredients, such as waxes or chlorophyll.

Advantages of CBD oil

Once the extraction process is done, you get CBD oil with many potential benefits:

  • Nausea or neuropathic pain . Some studies done seem to confirm that CBD oil helps in these cases.
  • Social anxiety . It seems that CBD oil helps those who have problems speaking in public or relating in the social environment.
  • Depression .
  • Sleep problems . CBD oil helps you fall asleep to sleep well .
  • Improves when doing sports . Produces better mental clarity and you perform better.
  • Inflammatory disorders .
  • Chronic arthritis . CBD seems to be compatible with bone pain. Recently it has been used in various nursing homes for older people with these problems.
  • Epilepsy .

It must be made clear that CBD oil is not the cure for any disease and you should always consult with your doctor when taking or stopping taking a supplement or medication.

What is hemp oil

Once we know what CBD oil is and its characteristics, it is useful to know how it differs from hemp oil . This is extracted from seeds, unlike CBD oil that was extracted from flowers or other parts of the plant. Hemp seeds do not contain CBD, so the oil obtained from those seeds will not contain CBD in any case.

Another big difference between these oils is the manufacturing process, CBD oil requires the use of solvents, olive oil or CO2, and hemp oil only requires pressing the hemp seeds . After cleaning the seeds, traditional growers use an oilseed press to remove the oil, which is 49% of the weight of the seeds.

This process can be done at home if you have a manual press, although it is complicated and usually produces less. The best pressing is cold because the oil obtained has more natural benefits . Its color is green (opaque or lighter) with a nutty flavor, but once refined, the oil loses its color practically and almost all its flavor.

Advantages of hemp oil

  • Important source of nutrients . For those concerned about their health, hemp seeds are a plant-based energy source , with protein accounting for 25% of their total calories.
  • Healthy skin . Due to its vitamin E it helps balance cholesterol, hormones and contributes to the health of the skin.
  • Bone maintenance, detoxification, mental health and cognitive function . Due to the phosphorus content (1100mg of phosphorus per 100g).
  • At an industrial level . It is used to make fuel, plastics, ink, paints … even for wood varnish.
  • Relief from anxiety, stress, kidney and heart problems . Thanks to the potassium content in hemp seeds. Offering 900mg per 100g, potassium is the third most abundant mineral in the human body.
  • Muscle aches and prevent migraines . Hemp seeds are a source of magnesium, playing an essential role in increasing energy and relieving muscle aches.
  • Improve the nervous system . Thanks to the vitamin B1 and B2 that hemp seeds contain. These vitamins are very important for hair, skin, eyes, mouth, liver, and energy production.

In the same way as BCD oil, hemp oil should not replace medications that a professional can prescribe nor will it cure diseases.

Differences between BCD oil and hemp oil

The oil CBD and oil hemp seeds are difficult to compare, since they are different products that offer different benefits . For example, CBD oil involves a complex extraction process, while the extraction of hemp oil is simpler, as we have seen. The CBD could help combat anxiety, inflammation, pain and even sleep problems , and hemp oil contains essential fatty acids, protein and other essential nutrients . The oil CBD produces specific physiological changes , and hemp oil has a high content of key nutrients, as we have said, and it is very popular as a culinary ingredient and cosmetic product .

It is not a matter of choosing one or the other, both oils have unique functions and effects .

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