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Cannamor hemp beauty products wholesale. www.cannamor-wholesale.com

The answer to the question, what is hemp for, could be rather what is it not for? Hemp has multiple applications in food, industry and the environment, being one of the most versatile crops available today.

Since its first cultivation in 8000 BC in China, hemp has become one of the key plants in human history . With a fundamental role in the Age of Discovery, without hemp, Europeans could not have reached the coasts of America or Oceania.

But the uses of hemp go beyond industrial hemp , finding us a plant with multiple uses in food, aesthetics and even medicine.

Even Henry Ford made a prototype of a vehicle with hemp fiber and, mainly, soybeans in the 40s. Unfortunately and although it worked perfectly, it was never commercialized and synthetic materials were chosen.

Hemp is one of the most versatile plants that exist today. With different uses for its different parts, it is easy to understand why it became a sacred plant for many cultures and how it was able to spread from Central Asia to the five continents.

Today, the cultivation of hemp is legal in most of the world, being used in the textile, plastic, food or beauty industries, among other sectors.

In this article we are going to reel off what hemp is for , the parts that are used and the opportunities it offers for a sustainable and ecological cultivation.

What parts of hemp are used?

The scientific name for hemp is cannabis sativa L . and in fact it is common to name it as cannabis, although as a general rule, this name is popularly given only to the buds of its flower.

The first documented use of hemp was for the fibers of its stem. The stem of hemp has certain characteristics such as its flexibility and its impermeability that made it an excellent material both for making clothes or sails for boats and for paper.

On the other hand, the buds of its flowers are what we know as marijuana , illegal in most of the world except for medical purposes since it has a high content of THC and CBD and they are psychoactive.

In fact, it was because of the popularization of marijuana that hemp cultivation became illegal in Europe and the United States during the 20th century. Fortunately, between the end of the last century and the beginning of the 21st, both industrial and food hemp have once again been allowed with the necessary controls to prevent the uncontrolled use of their buds.

Lastly, hemp seeds are used in food. Known as hemp seeds , there is a long tradition of consumption both in Europe and Asia, practically since the beginning of their use millennia before our era.

At the same time that the fibers were used for making textiles, the seeds were used for food. Although the seeds do not contain THC, strains of the hemp plant that are grown for food cannot have more than 0.2% of this compound to ensure their safety.

What is the difference between hemp and CBD seed oil?

You’ve probably heard a lot about CBD oil. Both hemp oil and CBD are derived from varieties of the cannabis plant, but their composition and benefits are totally different.

Hemp seed oil is extracted from the small seeds of the plant, which contain only minimal levels of cannabinoids, but are richer in nutrients and those lovely fatty acids that nourish the overall condition of the skin and hair. This makes hemp oil extremely popular in foods and skin care products.

CBD oil, on the other hand, is produced using leaves, flowers and stems where its active compounds are at a higher level of concentration. Its potency makes it extremely beneficial when it comes to holistic remedies and alternative wellness solutions.

Cannamor hemp beauty products wholesale. www.cannamor-wholesale.com

A sustainable plant

As if it had not been enough, Hemp is one of the most sustainable plants that exist and one of the most cultivated by Humanity with the longest time. Oil is obtained from its seeds and fibers from the stem. It is a plant that grows fast (it can be cut every year), it does not require much water and it also revitalizes the land in which it is grown, improving the quality of the soil.

Its seeds

They are the elixir of this plant. They contain about 30% oil, are rich in Omega 3 and 6 and contain 18 amino acids, being one of the best sources of vegetable protein there is. It is not only used in cosmetics, but can also be consumed raw, with the skin, in yogurts or salads. And for centuries they have been used in industry to make vegetable milk.

Hemp in food

Cannamor hemp beauty products wholesale. www.cannamor-wholesale.com

Today, if we think about what hemp is for , food has to occupy a predominant place.

It is important to note that the only hemp-derived product that is allowed to consume are hemp seeds . In other words, marijuana cannot be legally used in food in Spain .

From hemp seeds, other products are made that are also allowed and that are as interesting as they are on a nutritional level. For example, through the cold pressing of the same hemp oil is generated .

The use of hemp oil as a dietary supplement is common because it has high amounts of omega 3 and omega 6, ideal for preventing cholesterol and improving cardiovascular health.

Also hemp flour and hemp proteins come from seeds and can be consumed with all guarantees. In this regard, it should be noted that hemp seeds have the highest levels of vegetable protein (34%).

This has made hemp foods , which have all the essential amino acids, a perfect food for vegans and vegetarians .

In the case of flour, in addition, as it does not have gluten, it is a very nutritious substitute for wheat, rye or spelled flour, among others, for people with celiac disease or intolerances.

As for drinks, one of the most popular is hemp milk , which is easily made by boiling the seeds.

For those looking for something more different, craft hemp beers such as Green Bear’s , with exotic flavors such as Hemp Pale Ale, Chocolate Stout or Mango IPA, are another way to taste this ingredient in a fun way.

Cannamor hemp beauty products wholesale. www.cannamor-wholesale.com

Uses of industrial hemp

The first use of industrial hemp was to make cloth and paper. Since 8,000 BC hemp fabrics have been used to make clothes, which today are mainly associated with hippie fashion .

However, for a few years, especially in combination with other fibers such as linen or cotton, they are also being used in haute couture .

Similarly, industrial hemp is used to create plastics . In combination with fiberglass, kenaf and flax are also used in automotive composite panels, in an evolution of that first Henry Ford design in 1941.

On the other hand, its insulating and waterproof character makes it an element used for shower curtains, protective DVD boxes and other similar elements.

It is also very common in the use of filters . Tea bags, coffee or oil filters use it for its resistance to humidity. That is why it was also so widely used in sailing for ropes and sails.

Although wood fiber, hemp fiber and plastic polymers are generally combined in these filters, they can also be used alone. The filters pure hemp can be washed and reused, winning sustainability.

Finally, hemp is also used in construction. Especially in isolation, being very popular in Ireland and the Netherlands. In addition, it is used to create chipboard and pressboard with better characteristics.

Among all, hempcrete is the most famous, an alternative to concrete, characterized by being stronger, lighter and respectful with the environment.

Cannamor hemp beauty products wholesale. www.cannamor-wholesale.com

Hemp Beauty Products

Another answer to what hemp is for is to produce different beauty and body care products . Creams, lotions, balms and gels have hemp as the main ingredient.

Its vitamins and essential acids allow better skin care. Hemp has become a beauty ally for many influencers and celebrities who see all its nutritional benefits reflected also in its topical application.

The cosmetics with cannabis use their soothing and relaxing properties, anti – inflammatory to improve skin health.

On the other hand, we must mention CBD creams . These creams focus on this single component of hemp and are widely used in different skin diseases.

Cases of eczema, allergies, rashes or irritations are usually treated with these creams with very good results.

The benefits of hemp on the skin

Cannamor hemp beauty products wholesale. www.cannamor-wholesale.com


It is one of the most powerful free radical scavengers. Add to this that hemp oil is rich in phenolic acid and vitamin E and you have the perfect combo.


It has a great anti-inflammatory power and helps reduce and attenuate skin irritations and inflammations. It is especially beneficial on sensitive, oily or acne-prone skin. In the latter, because hemp oil is an excellent sebum regulator . In addition to irritated or eczema skin.


Because its oil contains almost 85% essential fatty acids. In particular, alpha-linolenic acid (Omega 3) and linoleic acid (Omega 6), in addition to gamma-linolenic acid and steardonic acid . It is a super nutritious asset that also regulates fat production and helps maintain balance in the epidermis.


It acts directly on the cannabinoid receptors of the central nervous system. At the molecular level, CBD is very similar to the endocannabinoids that the body produces on its own. This gives it those relaxing and calming properties, helping to reduce anxiety and improve mood.

Hemp crops in the environment

Another of the most curious uses of hemp is the purification of water or soils. Yes, among the answers to what hemp is for, we must place the recovery of degraded soils and the improvement of the environment.

Its use as a mop crop for the purification of wastewater or excess phosphorus in poultry waste is very common . In general, any spoiled soil has a good chance of getting ahead by planting hemp.

Hemp is a plant that does not need fertilizers , requires very little water and you do not have to use pesticides or herbicides either. In this way, it is also much easier to obtain the organic cultivation certificate .

The work of hemp in the environment is so important that it was even used in Chernobyl to purify the contamination of the earth after the nuclear accident . This is not to say that hemp was able to stop radiation, but it was helpful in making the decontamination process a little faster.

Environmental friendly 

Cannamor hemp beauty products wholesale. www.cannamor-wholesale.com

Hemp in general is known to be a “miracle” crop: because it helps structure the soil and can be used to regenerate the soil between food crops (without taking it out of food production); it is believed to be four times more effective at capturing CO2 than trees; It does not need pesticides or herbicides, providing habitat for wildlife – birds love the seeds.

The Body Shop sustainably sources hemp seed oil from a cooperative of 300 farmers in France. These farmers have devised a way to use the whole hemp plant, using oil from the seed, but the turtó is used as a high protein feed for animals, the vegetable fiber is used to make cloth and rope and the woody core It is used to produce a strong fiber for door panels, equine bedding, and sustainable material used in the construction industry. Everything is used and the carbon dioxide is kept under lock and key, meaning there is no waste.

The misunderstood miracle cultivation

Cannamor hemp beauty products wholesale. www.cannamor-wholesale.com

“In 24 years in the cosmetic industry, I can think of few ingredients that stand out simply for their performance and efficacy … but hemp is one of them.” – The Body Shop founder Anita Roddick was smart enough to know that the public was misinformed and hemp’s bad reputation was unfounded.

Our deep belief in the power of the plant led us in 1998 to launch our hemp line, drawing demonstrations from anti-drug activists, outrage from politicians and the international press. The police seized products in certain stores, while in the United States, the word “hemp” was requested to be removed from all packaging. The line was temporarily banned in France, where government scientists claimed the products contained small amounts of THC, violating strict drug laws. How times have changed!

How does it work in the body?

Cannamor hemp beauty products wholesale. www.cannamor-wholesale.com

In our body we have specific receptors for cannabis. The CB1 and CB2 are present both in the brain and in the immune, digestive, nervous system and the skin. They are activated by the signal of endocannabinoids produced by both the body itself and phytocannabinoids, of plant origin, such as those obtained from hemp.

It is precisely the existence of these cannabinoid receptors that is why small amounts of cannabidiol have a powerful therapeutic effect.

Hemp: medicinal properties

Cannamor hemp beauty products wholesale. www.cannamor-wholesale.com

Finally, we must mention the medicinal use of hemp . In this sense, it should be noted that hemp seeds, although they are a very interesting nutritionally superfood , are not taken as medicine.

Marijuana can be used in certain contexts, especially to alleviate the pain of certain patients with serious ailments.

However, the element of hemp that is being used in medicine is CBD or cannabidiol .

It is a compound that is still being carefully studied to see which of its potential benefits are most interesting for turning into drugs.

Even so, there are already four different completely legal drugs today that use CBD from hemp .

The best known is Epidiolex , used in patients with multiple sclerosis. Sativex is used for the same .

On the other hand, Nabilone is used against nausea and vomiting in cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy. The Dronabinol , besides being effective for these symptoms in cancer patients, also used against loss of weight and appetite of AIDS patients.

Moisturizers and other cosmetic products that contain cannabidiol, also known as CBD, are succeeding in the natural cosmetics industry. This unique ingredient is the perfect antioxidant that prevents oxidative cell damage .

The many benefits of this substance have revolutionized the world of beauty. While it is true that when we talk about Cannabis, it leads us to think of hippies, Woodstock and the summer of 69, however, the beauty industry has been studying the properties of cannabidiol oil and hemp oil as active ingredients for years. for facial care.

Whether in the form of CBD oil or extract, this substance extracted from cannabis has been a success in the United States for years. According to Montibello’s laboratory, cannabidiol acts directly on our Endocannabinoid System, being a perfect antioxidant that prevents cellular oxidative damage . Such is its impact that it is estimated to reach 1.7 million dollars in the world of cosmetics by 2025 according to a Market Watch Report study. Hence, we are increasingly seeing more creams and body lotions with this compound, such as our extra moisturizing cannabis hemp oil facial cream .

Cannamor hemp beauty products wholesale. www.cannamor-wholesale.com

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