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Cannamor offers now CBD Cosmetics wholesale. Using CBD in cosmetic products get more popular. CBD have lots of good benefits for our skin.

We offer one of the best CBD Cosmetics wholesale platform. The  CBD is taking over the world of beauty  and skin care. There is a wide variety of products that you have surely seen in advertisements on the internet or even in more traditional media such as television. CBD seems to be everywhere and in everything you can imagine.

According to estimates of Euromonitor International,  skin care  will be the main driver  of cannabis growth  in the next 5 years. The report specifies that this growth will take place especially if cannabis is linked to holistic beauty trends (perception that visualizes the conception of reality as a whole) and also while it is aligned with the concepts of health, physical conservation, protection and therapy. This is how Zora Milenkovic , author of the report, explains it  .

With these estimates we could say that the CBD trend is not going to disappear anytime soon. This does not mean that we all have to “join in the crazy” and try cosmetics to highlight our “beauty”.

Uncanny’s  goal is to always be well informed. Therefore, it is always advisable, first, to find out about CBD oil (or cannabidiol) before putting it on the skin. So if you’re thinking of jumping on the CBD bandwagon, but aren’t sure where to start, here’s an introduction to all things CBD skincare .

CBD Cosmetics Wholesale : https://cannamor-wholesale.com/

What is CBD

As many of you have already heard us say a thousand times,  cannabidiol or CBD is a natural chemical compound and one of the more than 100 cannabinoids that is present in the cannabis plant. This cannabinoid is recognized for a series of  therapeutic benefits , as well as the inability to generate alterations in the mind, which means that it does not produce psychoactive effects. In contrast, its brother  Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC , is a cannabinoid to which these psychoactive effects  on the central nervous system are attributed  .

CBD is a cannabinoid that, according to several studies, has a high potential for the treatment of some conditions or diseases such as migraine, fibromyalgia, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s or multiple sclerosis. There is also evidence that it can be used to treat autism spectrum disorder or to support anti-tumor and chemotherapy treatments.

CBD Cosmetics Wholesale : https://cannamor-wholesale.com/

Benefits of CBD for the skin

The molecular structure of  CBD provides therapeutic benefits and moves away from psychoactive effects, which allows this cannabinoid to be present in many products, including  cosmetics . A serum made with CBD can help both reduce pimples and pimples and improve psoriasis symptoms.

CBD Cosmetics Wholesale : https://cannamor-wholesale.com/


CBD oil has many benefits for skin care; one of them is its anti-inflammatory effect. First of all, we must know that inflammatory disorders are the consequence of poor regulation in the immune system. AUniversity of South Carolina studyhas proven that the immune cells of our body possess cannabinoid receptors. Since CBD acts on these receptors, it is also a treatment for inflammatory disorders such as arthritis.

But  why is it good for the skin? CBD can help to start the body’s natural anti-inflammatory processes and, consequently, help reduce the symptoms of  atopic dermatitis , also known as  atopic eczema , a chronic inflammatory skin disease characterized by dry skin and severe itching.

That said, can all cases of atopic dermatitis be treated with CBD? You always have to take into account the allergies of each person and the components of the creams for dermatitis or psoriasismade from CBD, but to date there are no cases of toxicity or overdose from the use of CBD oil . However, with any substance that we apply to the skin, it is always positive to consult a dermatologist or an expert.

In short, according to numerous research there is evidence in the scientific literature that shows a powerful effect of cannabinoids in the regulation of the immune system and, therefore, in the prolonged suppression of the  inflammatory response .

CBD Cosmetics Wholesale : https://cannamor-wholesale.com/

Recommended CBD products if you are looking for an anti-inflammatory effect

The benefits of CBD for skin care are many, but if you are looking for the product in question to reduce skin inflammation, the Uncanny team recommends You and Oil dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema cream . This cream can be used on all skin types and can be applied all over the body.

This cream, with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, deeply hydrates and protects the skin and can be used on all skin types.

The careful selection of botanical active ingredients that accompany CBD in its formulation, help to create a protective layer of polysaccharides on the skin, to nourish its outer layers, while the rest of the active ingredients penetrate inside to collaborate in the hydration and regeneration of your cells. Its soft and relaxing fragrance makes its application a soothing experience not only for your skin but also for you.

CBD Cosmetics Wholesale : https://cannamor-wholesale.com/

How does it apply?

The recommendation for use is to spread it twice a day over the affected areas for a minimum of fourteen days. This cream has a soft and relaxing fragrance and once applied, you will experience a sensation of freshness. But what does it actually do?

  • Collaborates in the hydration of the skin
  • Nourishes the outer layers of the skin due to the selection of botanical actives that accompany CBD in the formulation
  • Contributes to the regeneration of cells
  • Protects the skin against external aggressions
  • Produces a calming sensation

CBD Cosmetics Wholesale : https://cannamor-wholesale.com/


Another contribution that CBD has on the skin is its antioxidant property. The skin is the organ most directly exposed to oxidative damage generated by free radicals, these, in turn, are caused by oxygen in the atmosphere, and especially by the sun, precipitating cellular deterioration. In this sense, antioxidants confer a wide range of therapeutic benefits by effectively neutralizing free radicals and mitigating oxidative stress  related to aging .

All this is due to what we already explained about the ennocannabinoid system of our body: it has an important role in cell regeneration and regulating it through CBD helps skin rejuvenation. Do not forget that CBD not only has high levels of antioxidants, but also activates the natural antioxidants present in the skin. The result: smoothed wrinkles .

Numerous studies showthat  CBD is a powerful antioxidant . In addition, there are currently clinical trials that provide evidence of the benefit of antioxidants when applied topically. Therefore, CBD, as a cosmetic product applied to the skin, could have a greater antioxidant effect.

CBD Cosmetics Wholesale : https://cannamor-wholesale.com/


For its part,  acne  is one of the skin diseases that raises the most fears. And, although we usually associate it with puberty, the reality is that it can be suffered at any age. In fact, in recent times the use of masks has triggered the presence of acne breakouts on the skin of people of all ages.

But why does acne occur? Acne is caused by  excess  oil in the sebaceous glands of the skin and appears when these glands produce large amounts of sebum, which then becomes trapped in the hair follicles of the skin, causing the skin to become irritated and form a lump, that is, the famous pimple or mud.

AND what does CBD do about it? CBD regulates the production of lipids such as sebum and also contains antibacterial properties that help prevent the appearance of infections and blackheads. Similarly, oily skin is also affected by inflammation, something that we already saw that CBD helps reduce.

Some studies show that cannabinoids, CBD as one of them, control and regulate the production of fat, that is, they inhibit the production of sebum, which can help us to have a skin free of those pesky pimples.

CBD Cosmetics Wholesale : https://cannamor-wholesale.com/


All these benefits have made  CBD one of the ingredients increasingly used in natural cosmetics . Some brands mix CBD with other ingredients such as natural oils, such as the one obtained from their own Hemp seeds. Hemp seeds, for example, are rich in  Omega  6 and  Omega 3 , essential fatty acids that provide a healthy balance of skin moisture. It is also common to mix CBD oil with rosehip oil, in order to increase its beneficial properties and generate other contributions such as  hydration of the skin .

All skin needs hydration, be it those with signs of aging, oily skin or sensitive skin. Therefore, the moisturizing effect of CBD (derived in turn from its antioxidant properties) only contributes once again to skin care.

CBD Cosmetics Wholesale : https://cannamor-wholesale.com/

Side effects of CBD in skin care

We have already seen that CBD oil that is extracted from hemp is beneficial for different dermatological problems. But does it have any side effects? In the vast majority of cases they are not and when they do occur they are not serious, but like any cosmetic product it can produce a series of side effects on the skin in a minimal percentage of occasions, such  as skin allergies.

Does this mean that it is recommended to use CBD in all kinds of cases? Yes and no. As we have seen, it can be used for practically all cases of dermatitis, skin dehydration, acne or aging regardless of the severity or origin of the disorder. However, although CBD oil does not produce adverse reactions in itself, it can interact with other medications such as antidepressants or antipsychotics, so in these cases it is not recommended to use it without consulting your family doctor .

It is also not recommended during pregnancy or lactation as a precaution, since there are no specific studies on pregnant women that rule out possible adverse effects on the development of the fetus.

CBD Cosmetics Wholesale : https://cannamor-wholesale.com/

How to use

There are multiple products that contain CBD oil or cannabidiol, but when it comes to skin care the most effective is to use those that have a direct application on the affected area or areas. That is to say: CBD in creams, serums or balms . The appropriate application is usually the same as that of any similar cosmetic product and the frequency between once and twice a day (it will always depend on the instructions for use).

CBD Cosmetics Wholesale : https://cannamor-wholesale.com/

How to choose a quality CBD oil

Now, with so many products available, how can we choose the best one? As much as “the best” we cannot guarantee, what we can do is offer some  tips  to take into account when buying  CBD cosmetics .

  • Make sure  cannabidiol or CBD is listed  as an ingredient on the product label.
  • Check if the brand provides third-party certified evidence of purity and claimed amount of CBD.
  • Look for products with packaging that are not transparent or that expose CBD to light, air, and other external factors.
  • In Spain the commercialization of these products can only be done under the slogan “only for external use”. This phrase must be indicated on the labels.
  • In addition, any cosmetic product that is marketed in Spain must be subject to the standards and regulation of the AEMPS (Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products), ensuring their quality and compliance with the efficacy described.

CBD Cosmetics Wholesale platform is made to make easier ordering for small and big companies.

CBD Cosmetics Wholesale : https://cannamor-wholesale.com/

CBD Cosmetics Wholesale : https://cannamor-wholesale.com/

Cannamor was founded in 2015 in the Netherlands by 2 guys from Denmark. Now the business is located in Costa del sol in Spain. Kristoffer is the Director and founder of the company. Casper is the CEO who is behind the daily operations. We are a very effective team and have always been fascinated by the natural healing of the body that natural products can provide. We have kept on expanding our product catalog and now we are going to try reach all B2B clients in Europe with this Wholesale Platform. It will make it super easy to order if you just have a valid EU Vat number. 

CBD Cosmetics Wholesale : https://cannamor-wholesale.com/

Cannamor is a brand that was started 6 years ago. Over 5 years of production and experimenting have made us find the best recipes and ingredients, we have thousands of loyal and happy clients who stayed with us all this time. Now we give you an opportunity to buy all our products wholesale and resell in your own business. Just register here, find prices, and make an order. 

Cannamor also offers white labeling CBD products that you can re-brand as your own product, giving you the freedom to set your own pricing and grow your business. White Labeling is the practice of putting a different brand on a product than that of the original producer. Before you purchase an order, please let us a comment if you would like to have products without labels or need help with designing so all information is on the packaging is correct.

Using CBD in skincare products has become a popular option for women who want a more environmentally friendly way to apply makeup or keep their hair and skin healthy.

CBD in creams is not only good for the skin, but they are also good for the environment.

CBD Cosmetics Wholesale : https://cannamor-wholesale.com/

Natural skin remedies, which are derived from nature, have been effective for centuries. They are everything the skin needs to stay healthy. Say yes to nature’s gifts and enjoy the benefits.

All our products are 100% natural and are available in different concentrations. We invest in the best materials and equipment to ensure the best possible products that are full of cannabinoids and terpenes. Our range of oils is available in different strengths, it is very individual how much each individual needs to use. The most important thing is to find the appropriate amount of mg cannabidiol per. day.

Cannamor offers white labeling cbd products what you can re-brand as your own product, giving you the freedom to set your own pricing and grow your business. White Labeling is the practice of putting a different brand on a product than that of the original producer. CBD Cosmetics wholesale platform gives you freedom to make order easy and fast.

CBD Cosmetics Wholesale : https://cannamor-wholesale.com/

The first advantage is the most obvious one: It’s your own brand. By opting for white labelling your own brand, your message stays consistent, and you can keep building on the goodwill your brand has already gained among your customer base. All our products are 100% natural and are available in different concentrations all with THC Below 0.2%. Our CBD oils are made from CBD cannabis strain grown indoor in Switzerland and extracted by co2 og cryo alcohol extraction. This results in the most clean extracts for medical use. We dont use the the material from outdoor grown hemp in our products as they are easier contaminated.

CBD Cosmetics Wholesale : https://cannamor-wholesale.com/

One of our goals is to raise awareness of the many benefits that the Cannabis Plant and Hemp Plants can offer us humans.

Hemp plants respect the environment and have a wide range of uses and benefits; from paper to cladding, thermal and acoustic insulation and is even a very strong construction material.

Cannamor’s vision is to promote a healthy lifestyle, and we believe that good health is best achieved through prevention. Therefore, we encourage everyone to take good care of themselves in the most natural way. With this in mind, we carefully develop our products in respect of maintaining the rich properties of nature, which can best benefit human health and well-being. In order to ensure that we offer the purest products for both nature and man.

CBD Cosmetics Wholesale : https://cannamor-wholesale.com/

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