5 Things You Need To Know About CBD

New research is coming out fast when it comes to facts and figures on cannabidiol. So what are some of the things you might not know about our favorite compound CBD?

Find out the 5 things you need to know about CBD. And find out how many you already knew?

1 – Researchers can now extract CBD from E.Coli

Canadian research company InMed Pharmaceuticals announced last year that they have found a way to manufacture CBD from E.Coli. Using cutting edge technology, InMed has claimed to have produced CBD as well as other plant-based cannabinoids using a specially developed fermentation process.

Minor cannabinoids are only found in low amounts in the cannabis plant, but the process that InMed has developed allows them to synthesize these minor, and potentially powerfully therapeutic cannabinoids in larger amounts and at far lower costs than when extracting from the cannabis plant.

According to Eric A. Adams, the CEO of InMed; “The reason we started the program initially was that we wanted to unlock the potential of all these minor cannabinoids for pharmaceutical applications. If you’re looking at THC or CBD, there are lots of sources that are plant-derived where you can get those. But once you get past the few prominent cannabinoids like THC or CBD, it gets prohibitively expensive.”

Whether or not consumers will be open to the idea of cannabinoid medicine derived from what we understand to be a dangerous bacteria, only time will tell. One thing we do know is that cannabinoid science has come a long way just in the past few decades and there are sure to be further scientific discoveries, as it becomes a preferred therapeutic option for many.

2 – CBD does not actually bind to our endocannabinoid receptors

CBD is an interesting cannabinoid, as unlike its sibling compound THC, which fits perfectly into our CB1 receptors, CBD has a very low binding affinity to our CB1 or CB2 receptor sites. It does, however, stimulate these cannabinoid receptor sites in other interesting ways.

One thing CBD does do is increasing our body’s ability to produce more of our own endocannabinoid 1-AG, while also inhibiting our FAAH enzyme; an enzyme responsible for breaking down anandamide, another one of our endogenous endocannabinoids which is vital for homeostasis.

With both of these endocannabinoids crucial for homeostasis within the body, CBD’s ability to increase the amount of these natural compounds just goes to exemplify how important this cannabinoid is for overall health and wellbeing.

3 – CBD can interact with medications

Many people that begin taking CBD tell us that they are able to begin reducing the amount of other pharmaceutical medications. As incredible as it sounds, we have even heard of people being able to eventually replace their previous medication with CBD alone.

And though studies provide conducive evidence to this, it is always beneficial to consult your doctor when you begin using CBD. This is due to its potential interaction with an enzyme in our bodies called the CYP450 enzyme.

This enzyme is responsible for breaking down, metabolizing and releasing the required amount into the bloodstream, a large number of pharmaceutical medications that are on the market today.

When this enzyme is ‘busy’, the drugs in our system may not get broken down and metabolized as efficiently, resulting in higher levels of these drugs in our system than our bodies want.

To put it simply, CBD (as well as other compounds found in foods such as grapefruit) can ‘occupy’ this enzyme, meaning the drugs you may be using could enter your bloodstream, unmetabolized and in larger amounts.

Most doctors recommend taking CBD an hour or two after you take your standard medication, however, we are not doctors and are therefore unable to make medical suggestions or recommendations, so here is a great link that lists drugs that require the CYP450 enzyme to be metabolized, as a reference.

If you are worried, check with your doctor and ask them to monitor the drug levels in your blood while you are up-titrating your CBD. If your doctor is not receptive to CBD, join online groups and forums and ask others who have been using the same medication as you, their experiences with introducing CBD into their lifestyles.

4 – CBD may be more powerful with its entourage

‘The Entourage Effect’ is a well-known concept in the medical cannabis world, but what exactly is all the fuss about? The entourage effect refers to the subtle or not-so-subtle powers of minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids in the body.

The research here is limited, as well as controversial, the mass populous of consumers of medical cannabis, as well as a large number of researchers and industry professionals, believe that the entourage effect is not only powerful but vital, to achieve the best results when using medical cannabis or CBD products. In particular, terpenes have come under close scrutiny in regards to their role as part of this ‘entourage effect’.

Terpenes are the basis for Aromatherapy, a therapy which has been used for centuries, using smells stimulate the olfactory system, the part of the brain connected to smell. Essential oils like lavender for relaxation, lemon essence for mood and memory, plus many more. Terpenes have been shown to have a range of therapeutic qualities for the physical body too, just have a look at this table of terpenes and their qualities from Steep Hill Labs.

There was even a study done in Israel, comparing a whole plant extract to isolate CBD, which showed that the whole plant CBD extract was “superior over CBD for the treatment of inflammatory conditions.” It’s important to note here that the majority of illnesses and conditions feature some form of inflammation.

5 – Not all CBD products are created equally

CBD is a hot topic at the moment, and it sometimes seems that every man and his dog are selling CBD products. With new companies popping up every second, with confusing bottle sizes, CBD amounts, and percentages as well as a wide array of ingredients, how can anyone know what to look for when purchasing a CBD product? We have formulated a few steps that may just help

Step 1 – It is important to make sure that the product you are buying is not derived from CBD isolate crystals, coming with all the other natural compounds, minerals and vitamins found naturally within the cannabis plant.

As mentioned previously, many within the scientific and medicinal communities believe that CBD is more potent with its entourage of other minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, so find yourself a CBD extract that ensures all of these compounds in the final product.

Step 2 – Look for terms like ‘full entourage’ or ‘full spectrum’ and keep an eye out for mentions of terpenes and flavonoids. If the product your about to purchase only shows you the CBD amount and nothing more, it’s recommended to check with the company and make sure the product you’re purchasing is a whole plant extract.

Step 3 – Ensure your product is extracted from organic cannabis plants. This is paramount, as you don’t want to be putting unnecessary chemicals in your body if you can help it.

Many CBD companies use hemp grown all over the world where pollution, toxins in the soil and air, and bacteria can contaminate the cannabis plant, giving you a substandard product. So making sure your CBD is a toxin, pollution, bacteria, and fungi-free will ensure a premium product.

Step 4 – Ensure you truly understand how much CBD is in your bottle.

More often than not, companies put big numbers on the front label of the bottle, which confuses customers into thinking they are CBD measurements or percentages, rather than perhaps total liquid content, or bottle size. Many consumers find it difficult to calculate how much actual CBD the product contains, and if they do a bit of digging and questioning, they often discover the CBD content is at an amount far lower than what they believed the product to be.

So we suggest that you do your own research, ask the right questions and be discerning over which company to buy from. Join CBD groups online, on facebook, through online forums, and engage in the community there. People’s recommendations and own experiences are a fantastic place to learn about all things CBD. Remember to ask the company directly about the things that are most important for you about the product you buy.

We hope you found this article on the 5 things you need to know about CBD interesting and useful! If you are looking for high quality, organic and full-spectrum CBD extract, check out our online store here or get in touch with someone from our dedicated customer service team today with any questions you might have.


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